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How Much Should We Fear Post-Crisis Debt or Inflation? Feat. Adam Tooze

How Much Should We Fear Post-Crisis Debt or Inflation? Feat. Adam Tooze

A monetary history specialist and one of Foreign Policy's "Top Global Thinkers of the Decade" examines post-COVID-19 worldwide financial aspects and legislative issues. For additional scenes and free early access before our normal 3 p.m. Eastern time discharges, buy in with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocketcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher, RadioPublica, iHeartRadio or RSS.

This scene is supported by Crypto.com, Bitstamp and Nexo.io. Related: Bitcoin News Roundup for Aug. 24, 2020 Our visitor today is Adam Tooze. Adam holds the Shelby Cullom Davis Chair of History at Columbia University and fills in as head of its European Institute. He is known for his books "The Deluge: The Great War, America and the Remaking of the Global Order" and "Slammed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World." In this discussion, Adam Tooze and NLW talk about: Authentic analogies for our current second Central bank strategy and autonomy The amount we should fear obligation and expansion post-coronavirus How the financial and political emergency of 2020 has changed or strengthened the direction of the U.S., China and Europe Why there is nothing of the sort as the post-American period See likewise: The History, Present and Future of Central Banks, Feat. George Selgin Discover our visitor on the web: Site: Adamtooze.com Twitter: @adam_tooze

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