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Andreas Antonopoulos: Hex Team Offered Me 10 BTC to Speak Well of Their Token

Andreas Antonopoulos: Hex Team Offered Me 10 BTC to Speak Well of Their Token

Andreas Antonopoulos says he was offered 10 BTC for a meeting with the goal to show that Hex isn't a trick. The supposed offer comes as Hex defenders fight constant Ponzi claims. Antonopolous, a compelling cryptographic money advocate, likewise uncovers the offer was on condition he doesn't reveal this instigation.

Hex is an ERC20 token propelled on the Ethereum organize in December 2019 and it is expected to be a store of significant worth. It is likewise intended to use off the developing defi biological system in cryptographic forms of money inside the Ethereum arrange. Rather than cooperating, Antonopolous chose to uncover the stealthy offer by means of Twitter, leaving the task patrons in an abnormal position. The main cryptographic money advocate closes the tweet by requesting that his supporters draw their "own decisions." The post quickly set off a tempest with the two supporters and rivals of the symbolic exchanging allegations and counter-allegations. For instance, one Twitter client known as The Greatcoin, weighs into the discussion by scrutinizing Hex's plan of action. This client contends that Hex's "plan of action isn't reasonable" and he even ventures to consider the undertaking a Ponzi. The Hex group has exhaustingly denied this claim. Maybe dreading Antonopolous may be enticed to take the offer, this Twitter client proceeds to express that "one day (Hex) will blast like Bitconnect. On the off chance that you need to hazard your notoriety, you can do (acknowledge the offer) yet when it blasts, you might be called by the court." Comments

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