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Supporting the open-source network keeps on being a need for OKCoin, which has empowered us to support the advancement of the very framework that we rely upon as a crypto trade. Our responsibility to free and open-source programming, or FOSS, has driven us to give three extra awards so far in 2020. Declared on Aug. 6, our latest award was granted to Marco Falke, a Bitcoin Core maintainer and the most dynamic supporter of the Bitcoin code since 2017. This has been gone before by three more: BTCPay, Amiti Uttarwar and Fabian Jahr.

Supporting advancement of crypto framework It's been a half year since we declared our first designer award to a Bitcoin Core engineer. In those months, we've seen the aftermath from a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, and the odd and differentiating sway it has had on worldwide networks and markets. While the overall population has been critical, encountering difficulty and misfortune, value markets have been ascending, with the Federal Reserve essentially expanding the cash gracefully. These imperfections in the current monetary frameworks have just served to additionally set the significance of digital money and Bitcoin (BTC) as another option, "sound" cash.

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