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Year-End Gold and Bitcoin Price Predictions from Regular Everyday People

Year-End Gold and Bitcoin Price Predictions from Regular Everyday People

The people who answered are your average, everyday people who follow the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They also understand the faltering, manipulated monetary system bolstered by the central banking cabal as well. The first person who answered the price prediction question, an individual named Archer, said he believes bitcoin (BTC) will be $100,000. Archer also thinks the price of an ounce of gold will be $3,000 by the year’s end.

“The Federal Reserve is pumping trillions of dollars into the economy, the U.S. is suffering civil unrest (and will likely suffer more, especially pre/post-election),” Archer said explaining his rationale. “Many city/state governments are near bankruptcy already, employment is at +30%, and will likely only get worse as the pandemic continues. I expect that there will be Greek-style bank shutdowns, capital controls, hyperinflation, negative interest rates, which will cause a flight to hard, portable assets.” A guy named Doug thinks bitcoin will be $16,000 by December 31, and gold will reach $3,300. Matt explained that he thinks gold will be $3,300 per ounce as well, but he expects BTC to jump to $35,000. “Money printer go brrrrrrrr,” is the rationale behind Matt’s reasoning. My old roommate Andy expects BTC to be valued at $21,243 and gold will be $4,116, but he also thinks a cow will be valued at $104,231. Preston says BTC will be $24,000 by December 31 and gold will top $3,200 by the year’s end. “I believe they’ll be a significant price increase due to current unstable markets but due to reduction in monetary supply among lower classes, it won’t completely go parabolic. Same with gold,” Preston said explaining his forecasts’ reasoning. Sarah gave me a “random guess” and said she thinks BTC will cross $33,000, while gold remains in the $2,000 range. Alfred said that he “doesn’t know much about gold” but predicts BTC will be $10,100 by the year’s end. Alfred further explained his rationale:

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