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Stack Overflow is full of idiots

Stack Overflow is full of idiots

stack overflows full idiots if you

follow me on Twitter you follow

you see my community post and you've

seen me talk about this just a little

bit and

y'all know me I am not a drama guy

don't care for it

but sometimes if you just when you see

something you just kind of got to speak

up to about it and this is my space and i

want to talk about it last week I was

doing some research on microservices

trying to see if it was a good fit for

my app

and I came across a question where

someone was just trying to get a better

understanding of microservices

and one person had the audacity

to start their answer with you

should do

more research about microservices

that's what he's doing exactly as a

a community member said on my Twitter post

god forbid that he has that he

integrates some human interaction into

his research process

he's trying to learn more about

microservices if I'm studying something

it'll be very nice for me to

ask somebody else actually I did that

this morning i wanted to learn more

about the medium partner program to see

if it was something beneficial for me to

start doing start

writing blog posts basically on a video

that I make here and put them up on

medium and someone who told me about it

y'all may know him as a data processor

he has no affiliation with my opinion i

just wanted to mention him because he

introduced me to the media partner

the program I hadn't heard about it before

so I sent him a message on discord

saying hey is there any

info that you can send my way any any

a little bit helps I'm researching on

it now but

you know if you've experienced it so

it'd be nice to hear from someone who's


that's exactly what this person was

asking on stack overflow to get a better

understanding of

people's experiences with microservices

and a person

why do you have to answer like that why

do you have to say well you should


you should research microservices

yourself it doesn't make any sense to me

and this isn't

this isn't an isolated event I see all

the time someone asked a question

on stack overflow just to get absolutely


and downvoted into the ground and forced

to remove their question and not only

are they forced to remove their question

this has happened to me in the past

i remember asking a question trying to

get an understanding of how

other people went about starting their

job application because I know there's

some people who just kind of start

a very base model MVP they have a couple


in a single class and they just have

like a function or two to do what they


other people, i feel like they like to do

okay i need all these variables

i need all these classes i need all

these functions and then that later

they go back in and start assigning

values to the variables and start

filling out the functions and i want to

get a better understanding of how

people did this because i like to learn

this was many years ago

so obviously stack overflow hasn't

changed in the past five years six years

seven years

these are probably seven years ago now i

was downvoted into the ground people


you should read you should just pick up

a java book if you don't know how to

start an application yourself

I'm asking you how you do it why is

everyone downvoting me

i don't understand why people had to be

such about it apology

I'm sorry I don't really cuss in my

videos but it's just

i say how it is i don't know how why you

have to act like that

when I'm just trying to learn and not

only that but stack overflow encourages

you to give in to those downvotes to


gatekeepers pressuring you to remove

your comment by

rewarding you for removing your comment

i don't know if it's still like that

but seven years ago when i removed that

comment because i was downvoted to the


just trying to figure out how they

started off their job application

i got my very first stack overflow


how stupid is that and not only that but

take a look at this i hope my people

don't mind me

um kind of sharing their information i

mean they shared it first so i hope it's


but Juan right here like i said

basically how i intro this video in a

the very more simplified manner it's

basically what i said right here

and i wanted them to send me kind of if

they found any in the coming days and

weeks into my way

the one that i saw about microservices

gone can't find it

probably deleted it and rewarded for it

by stack overflow but one right here

it's ridiculous the number of times i

see something like that on the stack

overflow developers should do something

about it

a crazy hello place for series

professional development is such a toxic


sometimes you got better luck asking in

subreddits of technologies you're

working on

facts the velvet and i said the

developers have done something about it

they reward you for removing it but i

already talked about that

and daniel same experience as me

the first time i posted a questionnaire

i was met with the same bs i ended up

deleting my question because

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